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Data Recovery Services

Recuperacao de Dados

Tools and Equipments from Doctor Byte:


You really thought that we would go to supply the equipment name (hardware and software) used by the Doctor Byte to do the Data Recovery jobs !?! You almost got it right...


A tip: We have vary proprietary tools and use an imported dedicated equipment that does not depend on any operational system or software and that it makes the extraction of the data from the damaged HD (it forces the HD to work) and that costs around $$$ ...


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The tools used had been developed by our proper company together with companies from abroad. We use low-level languages like Assembler and C++ for this development and the experience acquired during some years.


We have deep technical knowledge in the data recovery area (hardware, software and electronics). Some times we manually reconstruct the destroyed or disappeared FAT. We have many years of experience since the time of IBM PC-XT !!!


We have proprietary tools for Linux, Mac and Novell not available in the market.


If your HD has very serious problem and could not be solved here at our labs in Brazil, we can send the HD to our partners in USA or Canada. In these cases the prices are somewhat higher. If you wish you can visit their sites. Go to our Links page.












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