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Data Recovery Services

Recuperacao de Dados

Tips and what to do after a data loss !


We know when a Data Loss happens and a recently backup does not exist, the moment is very hard and you can not be happy at this time.  You have to give satisfaction to your customers or to your company boss,  will have loss because will have delay on jobs that should be redone, will have loss because there are information that can not be redone, you can lose you job because you do not take enough care with the company computers and also minor problems like losing personal information, photos, school works, etc.


Our work is to minimize the loss when a situation like this happens. We suggest that you read the information in this site to understand how we work with Data Recovery services.


First step: Calm down! Do not enter in panic !


•  Verify if the bios (setup) detect the HD physically.

• Look if the HD is making some strange noises. Also verify if the HD is reading with too much difficulty or is working very slow. In these cases, turn down the HD immediately to not damage the  hard disk surface still more.

• boot your computer with a floppy and verify if the HD can be visualized (C:). *Only systems with Windows and FAT16 or FAT32!

• After the problem, do not try to repartition, to reformat or even to reinstall the operational system.

• Do not allow anybody trying to correct the problem using some utilities programs like Scandisk, Norton or Destructive Pirates programs found at Internet! These tools can corrupt the data!

• Take care with curious friends who say that they are experts (or think they are) that in an attempt to help even with the best intention, can become the things more complicated.

• The same is valid for not qualified companies for this type of service.  Currently with the easiness of placing a site in the Internet and consequently making some kind of advertising, you can find some curious people that are not really able to offer professional Data Recovery services. The majority of them does not have an office or laboratory establishment, investments for equipments, spare parts for replacement, specific softwares and tools, research and mainly does not have experience and know-how that are only acquired with the years of experience.

• Even after cases where recovery attempts (with negative results) were done by people or companies not able to do it, you still have possibilities to have your files back, however perhaps only partially, We mean that some files can be lost.

• To recover your data, you must send the HD, CD or Floppy for a diagnosis together with the attached form fulfilled and also a prove of diagnosis service payment. See sections Prices and Rules.

• Describe what happened with details as for example: The HD was repartitioned, reformatted, reinstalled the programs, files had been deleted, files or folders have disappeared, Virus Attack, bad block or another physical defect, unknown cause, well everything that happened to speed the recovery process.

• Imagine that you need to operate your heart, the column or the brain. Which Doctor would you look for? A medicine  student? A curious friend that says to know everything? The more expensive hospital you find that will charge all money you have? Or a well equipped hospital with experienced doctors and all the possibilities to make a successful operation and still with an affordable price? If you choose the last option, then you it choose right. The Doctor Byte is your better option in Data Recovery with no doubt.












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