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Recuperacao de Dados

Doctor Byte Rules - Read with attention !


Our company is specialized in Data Recovery. We will do the possible to recover your data and in most cases integrally. However, some factors run away to our control because we do not know the state which the HD/CD/Disks/File arrive to us. Therefore, it is important that you reads the rules to follow and accepted them to prevent problems later. If you have any doubts, please contact us to clear your doubts. We do not accept claims later.


We only receive HDs/CDs/Disks for Data Recovery sent with the "Authorization Recovery Form" fully filled and signed and also the Initial Tax payment prove(Diagnostic, Priority, Urgency options)The diagnosis tax is for diagnosis, scanning and re-assembly of the HD/CD/Disk. This tax is charged in advance even not having recovery conditions, because techniques hours are used  for the verification. The Priority and Urgency taxes are optional and must be paid in advance. They are charged even in cases of negative recovery because we need to prepare a special attendance for the customer. The payment complement must be made when we finish the job, where the final value of the recovery will be informed. We cannot liberate the material/files without the account payments.


The payment options are deposit in bank account , PayPal or Credit cards (only at our office in Brazil).


The values mentioned are for recovering of deleted, reformatted, inaccessible and missing files and folders, and at the STANDARD option, where all hardware/software necessary resources will be used to reach the goal of the information recovery. The transference is done through physical form, keeping the files as the original HD.  So, corrupted, encrypted or files with password must have another budget. A listing from recovered files can be sent by email to the customer for verification and/or selection of desired files and folders.


Services executed at our partners must have another budget.


Our diagnosis tax already includes the preparation of the documentation, sending, service accompaniment, customs dis-embarrassment and data return at the more serious cases that will be sent to Brazil and back to USA. However, it does not include expenditures with freight and taxes that the customs may charge. Ask us for instructions! Defective HDs that are sent to Brazil does not return to USA to facilitate the customs dis-embarrassment. But the data come back recorded into CDs. Remember that defective HDs will not be useful anymore.


The values are in US$. At the most serious cases sent to our partners, the Doctor Byte aim a little profit. Our main goal is to supply a last alternative of recovery to our customers.


The payments can be done with Credit Card. The same ones must be submitted for approval of the Administrator company. Perhaps is necessary some time for credit release.


The charge from the authorized service will be emitted, even without the withdrawal of the equipment, because it is a job effectively done and finished. 


The freight is always paid by the customer (UPS).  We do not accept freight to charge. Although never have occurred with our company, the Doctor Byte is not responsible for loss of material that eventually can occur at Fedex or another transport company that the Doctor Byte comes to use. If this comes to happen, the customer receives the value from the insurance that normally is US$ 100,00. Therefore always we suggest that you make this insurance.


We do not make repairs of HDs with physical problems if they do not have any data to be recovered. The reason is that it is very difficult to obtain HDs parts and when they are found the value is very high. Moreover HDs that were opened does not have a good trustworthiness. Therefore HDs with physical problems are discarded after the Data Recovery. We do not sell HDs parts (plates, engine, board, etc).


We have 3 job options: URGENCY when the estimated time for execution is about 24 hs, PRIORITY, when the estimated time for execution is about 48 hs and  STANDARD when the estimated time for execution is about 4 business days. This depends on the level of the problem and the volume of service at our company. Consults our prices in the diverse options of jobs. The time only starts to be counted from the moment after the Initial Tax payment (Diagnostic, Priority and Urgency) is confirmed besides the form fulfilled and signed and HD has already arrived at our company. NO EXCEPTIONS!


All our customers have the same priority therefore the services are executed by arrival order, besides the items already mentioned previously (except with Priority and Urgency options) ! Our normal time attendance is from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Brazilian time). Outside this schedule and/or days, only with the Urgency option.


We do not record any data at the original HD until the data is verified by the customer. Therefore, we always recommend that the recovered data are transferred to another media, because the HD sent can present problems again and/or also can be necessary another second recovery in cases for example, where the customer forgets to specify some files to be recovered, etc. If the data is copied back to the same HD or if programs are reinstalled, a second attempt (in case that is necessary), can be impossible.


The Doctor Byte stores one copy of the recovered data for only 1 week after it finishes the job for security reasons. After that, the recovered data are destroyed. Therefore the customer must confer the data as fast possible.


The data can be delivered in CDs or DVDs. Recording prices is not included.


Within 30 days and in case that is necessary another second recovery in the same HD/CD/Disk, for customer fault in the fulfilling of the job form or for another reason, another budget will be charged. But in this case, a 50% discount is given.


Sometimes, after the data recovery, the folders original structure can appear different from the original. Some folders and files can also lose its original names. This depends on the gravity of the problem.


After the job, we can not ensure all files integrity, we verify the information for sampling. The job is considered successful even if the recovery is partial. For this reason it is necessary that the customer specifies with details the main files names to conclude the job result.


Normally we save all the found files, including the ones that are not desired. If the customer wants that the files separation is made, is necessary that the customer inform us which folders are desired based in the files listing that is sent by email when we finish the recovery. In case that some folders name has been lost, the customer must look the desired files and informing us the localization of them. We do not do the separation at the file level because normally are recovered thousand of files. Moreover nobody better than the customer to know what it is useful and what is not.


The service mainly aim the data file recovery and not of programs, therefore the programs can be reinstalled by the customer through its original installers.


The Doctor Byte is not responsible for the HDs warranty sent for Recovery for the eventual physical problems occurred in the transport or natural aggravation of the HD problem.

Because our service uses a special equipment, we do not have conditions to make the services out from our office. The material to be recovered must be sent to our company.


The entrance of customers inside our laboratories is not allowed.


Because we receive a high volume of services, we cannot have pending services in our company. Therefore, services not removed in the period of 30 days after the entrance date, will suffer an addition of 10% in the total value relative to cost of data storage and medias at our company.


Moreover, services not removed in the period of 60 days after the entrance date in our company, will be considered "abandoned" and the data and medias will be destroyed for the security of the customers.


It is not our responsibility the origin of the files installed in our customers computers or HDs. We guarantee Absolute Secrecy  in the recovered information. We are specialists in this type of work and have a name to watch over.


The Doctor Byte welcomes the preference. Thank you very much.


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