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Data Recovery Services

Recuperacao de Dados

Data Recovery Partnership


Doctor Byte offers a partnership program for Consulting and Technical Assistances or  other small data recovery companies for all Brazilian territory that possess limited resources in recovering data for its customers when the cases has a higher difficulty level. The partnership also can be used by big companies who possess a great amount of computers.


The interested company must send the services to be executed to our office and receives a discounting or commission. The interested company can contact us and we will explain all details. 


The first service is executed and charged normally. For the second service, we give a discounting or commission of 20% in our normal price. In the third service, the discounting or commission will be 30% and up to 40% maximum.


Obs1: Sending at least 1 HD per month is necessary (average of 3 months).

Obs2: Valid for services only executed in the laboratory of Sao Paulo.

Obs3: Services sent to laboratory abroad, the discounting or commission is of 10%.


Do you know that:


1) Today 30% of our competitors are also our partners?

2) That this number is growing day after day?

3) That our index of real success is of 80% of the cases?

4) That the success index of our competitors is only 30% to 50% maximum?

5) That some competitors who had still not adhered to our partnership system are losing money because they are not able to solve its customers problems?


To contact us for further information use the email:


If you prefer contact us by telephone: (55 11) 5531 0088.


Jobs Positions:



Doctor Byte Data Recovery Services is a growing company and we need expert personnel to help us providing solutions to our customers. Currently there are NO vacancies in the data recovery field of the business, at the head office in Sao Paulo.

If you feel that you are a team player, and your technical skills fit in with those below, send us your curriculum.

Data Recovery Technician required:
Data Recovery Engineer for computer Doctor Byte Data Recovery and Computer Forensics Services. Requires minimum of two years experience diagnosing, repairing and recovering data in Windows, Mac and UNIX environments. Knowledge of system area on hard drives essential.

Senior Data Recovery Technician required:
Senior Data Recovery Engineer for Doctor Byte Data Recovery and Computer Forensics Services. Requires minimum two years experience diagnosing, repairing and recovering damaged data in Windows, Mac and UNIX environments including diagnosing and repairing system areas on hard drives, recovering data from damaged magnetic and optical media, file and mail systems, performing software and hardware reverse engineering and using C++ to develop software for data recovery procedures. The position is located primarily in Sao Paulo, but will involve visits to sites situated globally.



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