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Recuperacao de Dados

Data Recovery problems


Data losses can happen on HDs, CDs, CDRW, Floppies, Zip Drive and other medias but the most common is on HDs. About the problems, they can be classified into 2 types:


Physical problems: When the HD itself is defective like making noises, not being detected by setup (cmos), not spinning, bad blocks, difficulty of reading, surface crash or demagnetization, etc. The causes can be: voltage oscillations, lack of ground, mechanical impact, defect manufacture (it happens a lot), etc. Normally the HD in this situation  is discarded after the data recovery.

Logical Problems: are the cases when the file system has problems but the HD is still working normally. For example, the files or partition can not be accessed, files or folders disappear, files are corrupted, etc. The causes can be: Virus or Hacker attack, files are deleted accidentally or intentionally, the HD is reformatted by mistake, inverted clone, bad quality software, sabotage, etc.


Other problems that happens in CDs, floppies, Zip Drive, etc are: demagnetization, mildew, surface scratched, dirt, defect manufacture, low level recording, etc.


The Difficulty Level can be classified into 5 types:


Level 0: Actually the level 0 is not considered a Data Recovery because any technician can solve this problem. Example: The Windows doesn't "boot" or do not do completely. Secure suggestion: Put the HD with problem on another machine as "Slave", copy the important data to another place and reinstall the operational system. This way you can be sure that your important data will not be overwritten even if is necessary to reformat the HD. Just be sure that the technician is a good one that your data doesn't have any risk. In this level is not necessary the Doctor Byte services.


Level 1:  This is the simple one that can be done by a Data Recovery company. Normally are the HDs that don't have physical problems and have the Windows system. Examples: Deleted files, lost partition by a Virus or Hacker Attack, etc. At this level the information was lost but was not  overwritten yet by other information or something like that. Take care: Pirate Data Recovery programs found at Internet or people not allowed to do this service can turn the problem worst. At this level are included the HDs with external problems like the controller burned. The cost is less expensive. Only about 10% from the HDs we receive belongs to this level.


Level 2: More difficult than the last. Examples: When we have partial overwritten information at the most important disk areas because programs were reinstalled, use of inadequate data recovery tools (done by not trusty data recovery companies or curious people), computer use after the accident, etc.  Other systems like Linux, Macintosh or Novell also belongs to this level because are harder to recover it. HDs with physical problems like bad blocks are also here since it has not been previously opened. The cost is higher than the last and about 50% from the HDs we receive are at this level. We receive a lot of HDs that have already passed through other companies that turn the initial problem worst.


Level 3: Are the most serious cases. Normally have physical problems at the surface disk area like demagnetization or crash. Sometimes there is a reason for it like a mechanical chock, voltage oscillations, etc. But can be also a defect manufacture. Normally is necessary to open these HDs and replace heads. These ones can also be sent to our partners in USA. The recovery cost is higher. Normally are the ones that has already passed through another Data Recovery companies and the customer really needs to recover the data. They are about 20% from the HDs we receive. HDs that belongs to level 2 and still keeps working after the problem happens, unfortunately goes to level 3. Also previously opened hard drives are in this level.


Level 4: Are the ones that have no solution. Normally have physical problems like extremely crashed surface. It's impossible the recovery using any laboratory. At this level are also the ones that were totally overwritten by other information. It is necessary a diagnosis to confirm this situation. It represents 10% from the cases we receive.


Take Care: Many data are definitively lost because of failed attempts of recovery. Inadequate procedures can become the recovery much more difficult and in many cases they can corrupt or destroy completely the most important data. Therefore, if you lost information and don't have a backup, do not try to make miracles because this can complicate more the situation! Our tools are proprietary and are not destructive. Nothing is written into your HD. Do not open your HD or allow anybody to do this. It may destruct your important data!


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