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Interesting Downloads:


1) Acrobat Reader: Important utility that is necessary to read PDF files. This kind of file is very common at Internet for manuals, information, etc. If you want to download our PDF form you will need Acrobat Reader. Some browsers do not work good at our HTM form.

Category: Freeware. To get it visit here: (8.6MB)


2) Our Data Recovery Form (HTM): It should be fulfilled and sent attached with your HD (or other media) to our company.  If you use Internet Explorer 7 or higher, the HTM form will work fine. Get the HTM form clicking here: Form (HTM)


3) WinZip: Another important utility necessary to compress and uncompress zip files. Also very common at Internet to send and receive compacted files. You need it to receive your files list after we execute the Data Recovery job.

Category: Shareware. To get it visit here: (1.8 MB)


4) Data Advisor: Interesting utility to test suspect HDs.  This is not a Data Recovery software. Obs: We recommend that only technicians with HD experience use this utility.  If you see that the HD shows you any physical problem like bad blocks, turn down the HD immediately to not turn the things worst. You (or your customer) can lose important data.

Category: Freeware. To get it visit Ontrack site. (1.95 MB)


Obs1: All above utilities are official and ok for personal use. For commercial use you need specific versions. The Doctor Byte doesn't  give or sell any pirate programs. 


Obs2: We do not give support for these programs.



















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