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Data Recovery

Recuperacao de Dados

Doctor Byte® Data Recovery Services

The Doctor Byte has begun its activities with Data Recovery and Corrupted Files Repair services since 1996. Before this, his founders have worked at some computer companies as engineers. The beginning was from 1980 until 1986 at the old BURROUGHS Corporation now UNISYS Corporation Hard Disk division where they had their first contacts with HD heads. Since then, they have always kept close contact with Hard Drive technology evolution.


Today we are a leader Data Recovery company in Brazil. We have our own laboratory in Sao Paulo and also have partnership with some American and European Data Recovery companies. Among them, we would recommend ActionFront (Seagate Recovery Services) that is known worldwide. Our partner ActionFront is the only option when your important data can not be recovered at our laboratory in Brazil.


ActionFront Data Recovery was founded in 1989 and since the beginning its activities has been only recovery of lost data. It is recommended by most hard drives manufacturers and it has laboratories in USA. ActionFront is the only data recovery company to be registered to the ISO 9001:2000 - International Quality Standard. All laboratories have clean rooms to open hard disks. Besides its clean rooms, ActionFront has a large extensive parts inventory meaning hardware replacement will never delay or defeat our retrieval efforts.


In April, 2006 - ActionFront will be known as "ActionFront Data Recovery Labs - A Seagate Company" to reflect its new status as a wholly owned subsidiary of Seagate Technology.  But rest assured, because Seagate Recovery Services will continue providing Data Recovery services for all Hard Drive brands. The majority of Data Recovery cases we handle involve non-Seagate products.


We suggest our customers to visit the site where you can find more information about our Doctor Byte partnership and the Seagate acquisition.


We can provide Data Recovery for HD, RAID systems, CD, floppy, Zip Drive, Memory Stick, Flash Card, Smart Media, Pen Drive... Desktop, Notebook, Servers... Defectives, Reformatted, Inaccessible, Bad Block, Burned, Deleted Files, Inverted clones, Virus or hacker attack, Forgotten files passwords, etc... We have proprietary data recovery tools not available in the market for systems like Linux, Macintosh, Novell Netware and Windows. We work with all HDs brands like Maxtor, Seagate, Quantum, Western Digital, Samsung, Fujitsu, Iomega, IBM, Toshiba, Hitachi, NEC, Conner, etc.


We can also repair Corrupted Files from the main applications like: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Money, Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange Server, Oracle, Interbase, MSSQL, MS Backup, Sybase, Paradox, Zip and many other files.


From the jobs Doctor Byte receives including HDs with physical problems, about 80% are executed at our own laboratory in Sao Paulo having positive results. The prices charged are very low. After an initial diagnosis, some HDs that have "very serious" problems including the ones that have already gone through another data recovery companies having negative results, can still be sent to our partner Seagate in USA. Only 10% from the jobs Doctor Byte receives have final negative results.


We are expanding our activities and offering our data recovery services also to worldwide customers with very competitive prices and quality. Also we suggest that our customers visit our partner site.


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Doctor Byte Data Recovery Services

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Tel: 55 11 5531 0088

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